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Dean's Upholstery & Interiors & Manufacturing is a professional team of technicians who have overall five decades of experience in the upholstery industry. With solutions such as custom-made furniture and re-upholstery services, we are your go-to furniture shop! Whether you need a few chairs for home or a unique centerpiece for your office, we can help you get the most out of your project. Our team in Conway, SC helps with the following jobs:

Furniture Re-upholstery – Our main service is re-upholstery. We have a selection of fine materials and fabric from which you can choose. Whether it is leather for a chair in your office or some nice velvet for a family heirloom, our team will make sure you get the finest possible results.

Sofa Restoration – Our job as re-upholsterers is to ensure the furniture we recover is in top shape and will stay that way for many more years. So when we reupholster a sofa, for instance, we fix and repair it first so the final result is a good looking piece that will perform its function for a long time.

Furniture Restoration – Sofas are not the only type of furniture we re-upholster. We can recover anything you have in mind, including chairs, cushions, loveseats, car seats, or anything else you can think of.

Upholstered Furniture Manufacturers

Upholstered Furniture Manufacturers

Custom Furniture Making – Need a unique piece for your office? Or do you want something specific for your new restaurant? Are you opening a new cafeteria and wish to amaze your clients with unique furnishings? We can certainly be of assistance in all of these situations.

Furniture for Boats & RV Campers – We create furniture not only for restaurants, shops, offices, schools, and other facilities. We design custom seats for boats, yachts, ski boats, and RV campers.

As you can see above, the experience we have Dean's Upholstery & Interiors & Manufacturing is phenomenal! If there is anything more you wish to know about our technicians in Conway, SC, please contact us at (843) 365-1540 or come to meet us in our workshop.

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